【blue over PHOLUS】

PHOLUS is a leather shoe that takes into account the advantages of leather shoes and sports shoes, waterproof leather, comfortable and durable.

PHOLUS uses the Goodyear manufacturing method to make the primer. The leather connecting the insole, upper and welt. Since the upper and the sole are not directly stitched together, the shoe body can be replaced without damaging the shoe sole. As you wear habits, the corks and insoles will sink slowly and will fit the wearer’s feet.

What is the Goodyear method?

Goodyear's hand-made shoemaking method was developed from Europe, and the current top shoes are also made by Goodyear.

Around 1873, Mr. Goodyear introduced part of the process into machine-assisted production. This method of construction was also named Goodyear (Goodyear) sewing method after him.

The main concept of Goodyear's manufacturing method is to sew the uppers of the uppers, the insole and the welt of the welt, and the space enclosed by the welt will be filled with cork. Then sew it with welts and outsole.

The biggest feature of Goodyear's manufacturing method make the shoes strong and durable; the upper and the outsole are joined through the seam strip, so the outsole can be replaced when repairing the shoes to extend the life of the shoes.

Vibram, commonly known as the gold outsole, is a rubber sole produced by a company headquartered in the city of Albaizzate, Italy. Vitale Bramani is the founder of this company and they specialize in the production of soles for hiking shoes. As far back as 1935, six Bramani’s climbers died in a mountain disaster while climbing the Italian Alps. Afterwards, to explore the cause of the mountain disaster, part of the reason can be attributed to improper hiking shoes. The occurrence of this tragedy prompted Vitale Bramani to work hard to develop new mountaineering soles. In 1954, the Italian expedition successfully boarded K2 (K2 is the second highest in the world) wearing shoes with Vibram rubber soles. Vibram uses a lot of different rubber compounds, each of which is carefully formulated according to the different uses and needs of each sole. Therefore, each sole will exhibit different physical properties, such as elasticity, density, hardness, and slip resistance Resistance, abrasion resistance...etc.

Adopts Vibram EVA outsole. The laminated EVA sole reduces the impact of walking. Insoles are added with 5 mm sponge to reduce foot friction and cushioning, bringing a light and comfortable fit.