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【探索 Freaky House 的 10 年奇異之旅 】


一個夢想的起點,藏於 2013 年那個充滿創意的小工作室之中—Freaky House。
不僅僅是一個選物店,它是我們對「舒適、慢活、善待自己」理念的投入與實踐。從那個小小的開始,我們經歷了許多大小事物,從未知走到熟悉,將每一次的挑戰轉化為成長的動力。這 10 年來,時光以它特有的方式,既緩慢又迅速地流逝,我們始終駐足於尋找與分享生活中的美好。

現在,當我們站在這個重要的 10 周年里程碑上,全心全意希望與您分享這份喜悅與感激。在這條旅途中,您的每一次陪伴與支持,都是我們前行的動力。


~ 周年慶典專屬優惠~

🛍️ 普通會員:原價商品95折!
🎁 VIP會員:原價商品9折!




🗓️ 活動時間:2023/10/27(FRI) - 11/12(SUN)
🌐 活動適用:門市及網路門市同步進行


每一個您在 Freaky House 發現的小物件,都凝聚著我們的心思與故事。在這個慶典月,讓我們一起翻開新的篇章,與您並肩,攜手邁向下一個精彩的一年。




【10th Anniversary Celebration】

A dream began in that small, creative studio in 2013—Freaky House, more than just a select shop, it's our investment and practice in the philosophy of "comfort, slow living, and being kind to oneself." From that modest beginning, we’ve traversed through myriad experiences, moving from the unknown to the familiar, transforming every challenge into a force for growth. Over these 10 years, time has passed in its own peculiar way, both slowly and swiftly, and we have always stayed true to seeking and sharing the beauty in life.

Now, as we stand on this significant 10-year milestone, we wholeheartedly wish to share this joy and gratitude with you. Along this journey, your every moment of companionship and support has been our motivation to move forward.


~ Anniversary Celebration Exclusive Offers ~

🛍️ Regular Members: 5% off on regular-priced items!

🎁 VIP Members: 10% off on regular-priced items!

An extra bonus! Spend NT$2,000 after discount and instantly get an additional NT$200 off! (Accumulative)


🗓️ Event Period: 2023/10/27(FRI) - 11/12(SUN)

🌐 Applicability: In-store and online store concurrently


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Online Shop: https://www.freakyhousetw.com