"Sewing" ×  "Canvas"


Canvas originated as a "boat sail" and is characterized by its toughness and breathability to withstand harsh environments. It has also been widely used as a "canvas" for painting since ancient times. Kurashiki, the base of SEUVAS®, is the main production area, accounting for about 70% of domestic canvas production. Among them, SEUVAS use the fabrics of "Takeyari", a long-established factory with a history of 130 years (founded in 1888), which accounts for more than half of the fabrics. Canvas is a very durable and rigid material that is often used for industrial purposes and is considered unsuitable for making clothes. However, SEUVAS were attracted by the unique vibe and texture of this fabric and decided to make clothes out of this canvas.


Sewing technology brings out the charm of canvas

As a garment specialist, SEUVAS pursues comfort and attention to detail while taking full advantage of the properties of canvas.

In addition, SEUVAS completes the "canvas garment" by filling with techniques unique to the factory brand, such as a scouring process that presents unique unevenness and the use of cotton threads of the same color as the fabric. SEUVAS dares not follow suit and develops timeless classics such as shirts and workwear.

Also, many projects use the Amakusa button "+botão" as a dot. Using the Amakusa pottery stone unearthed on the west coast of Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture as a material, each button in the world of handcrafted colors will adorn your clothing.
Everyone in the world, please feel the beauty of SEUVAS® / Soubus.


"Strong canvas" and "careful sewing" are the result of the encounter, each piece of clothing has a different expression, the more familiar the body and life are.
Unaffected by fashion, it can be matched with any style of "free clothes". This is SEUVAS®.
Create your own lifestyle using SEUVAS® apparel as a literal "canvas".